Table 2.

Occurrence of contiguous perfect small-unit SSRs in the genome of M. genitalium and M. pneumoniae

Unit lengthRepeat positionaUnit sequenceNo. of unitsSequence homology
M. genitalium
 3224534–224555TAG7Attachment protein MgPa
 3227130–227163TAG11114-kDa MgPa
 3425824–425857TGT11Unidentified protein
M. pneumoniae
 260190–60210AG/ACb5/5Unidentified protein
 323651–23669TAG6Adhesin P1  
 634932–34950AACCCC3Adhesin P1
 6775707–775725AACCCC3Adhesin P1 precursor
  • a Repeat positions are based on nucleotide sequence information described in reference55. Nucleotide repeats consisting of monomers [poly(A), poly(C), poly(G), or poly(T) tracts] were not searched for; 2-, 4-, 7-, and 8-unit repeats were not encountered. Repeats were identified by a computer program written by Stewart Scherer, University of California Los Angeles.

  • b The two sequence motifs were found to be adjacent; both motifs occurred five times and were exactly neighboring.