Table 4.

Main characteristics of moderately halophilic actinomycete speciesa

A. mortivallis (374)A. iraquiensis (292)N. lucentensis(371)N. halophila (6)
Spore chain morphologyShort (no more than 10)Short (no more than 15)ShortVery long
PigmentationYellowish whiteYellow-brownishYellowish brownYellow-coral red
SporeOval to cylindricalSpheroidalCylindricalCylindrical
NaCl range (%)5–305–20ND5–20
NaCl optium (%)10–1510–155–1015
Temp range (°C)10–5016–40ND16–40
Acid production from:
Nitrate reductionND+ND
Hydrolysis of:
 Tween 80++ND+
Menaquinone systemMK-9 (H4), MK-10 (H4)MK-9 (H4)MK-10 (H8)MK-10 (H6, H8)
Cell wall typeIVIVIIIIII
Mycolic acids
Type strainJCM 7550A.S.4.1193DSM 44048A.S.4.1195
HabitatSaline soilSaline soilSaline soilSaline soil
  • a +, positive; −, negative; ND, not determined. MK-10 (H8, H6, and H4), octa-, hexa-, and tetrahydrogenated menaquinones with 10 isoprene units; MK-9 (H4), tetrahydrogenated menaquinone with 9 isoprene units.