Table 1.

S. pombe genes that govern mating and meiosis

Required by M and P cells
 fus1Fusion protein163
 map1MADS box protein required for P-specific gene expression and enhancement of M-specific gene expression151, 226
 mei2RNA binding protein required for initiation of meiosis219
 ste6GEF for Ras180
 ste11HMG-box transcription activator199
 gpa1Gα subunit coupled to pheromone receptors154
 ras1Homolog of mammalian Ras145
Required by M cells
 mam1M-factor ABC transporter33
 mam2P-factor receptor98
 mfm1M-factor precursor 142
 mfm2M-factor precursor 242
 mfm3M-factor precursor 3100
 sxa2Protease that degrades P-factor86
 mat1-McHMG-box regulatory protein required for M-cell-specific gene expression99
 mat1-MmMating-type regulatory protein required for meiosis228a
Required by P cells
 mat1-PcMating-type regulatory protein required for P-cell-specific gene expression228a
 mat1-PmMating-type regulatory protein of the homeodomain family required for meiosis228a
 map2P-factor precursor gene85
 map3Receptor for M-factor202
 sxa1Protease that degrades M-factor86