Table 1.

acvA (pcbAB) genes of the different fungi encoding ACVS

CharacteristicA. nidulansP. chrysogenumstrainsA. chrysogenum
Genome DNA (bp)11,31011,328b11,37611,136
No. of amino acids3,7703,776b3,7923,712
Transcript size (kb)>9.5NDa11.511.4
Transcript start positionMajor, −230; minor, −317, −195, −188ND NDND
No. of introns0000
No. of domains3333
Reference(s)201, 203305, 30791130
  • a ND, not determined.

  • b Correction of published sequence in reference49. Translation start moved upstream by 90 bp. The discrepancy between published sequences of P. chrysogenum is now at the 3′ end.