Table 2.

Information for the ORFs sequenced from P. denitrificans and P. versutus

CharacteristicP. denitrificansP. versutus
% G+C from sequence65.6364.90
% G+C (experimental)a 66.566.8
Total DNA sequencedb 166,86416,092
% of genome sequencedc 4.170.81
No. of ORFs identified16219
No. of ORFs (defined function)d 12913
Total length of ORFs (bp)e 115,48911,718
  • a Experimental data taken from reference145.

  • b The total DNA sequenced includes all known strains of P. denitrificans, including strain GB-17.

  • c The total length of both genomes is taken to be 4,000 kbp, the size estimated for P. denitrificans by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (323). The duplicate sequencing of the cycA (cytochromec 550) locus has been taken into account, but all other sequences are taken to be unique and nonoverlapping.

  • d “Defined function” is taken to mean either that the gene product has had its biochemical effect identified experimentally or that the gene product has significant identity to a protein from another organism.

  • e The shorter total length of the ORFs compared to the total DNA sequenced does not reflect large intergenic regions inParacoccus; rather, it reflects the fact that sequencing targeted to specific genes leaves regions to the 3′ and 5′ of the loci that are not of sufficient length to have the definition “ORF” applied to them.