Table 3.

Syc cytosolic chaperones

ProteinSizepIC-terminal domainRoleRelevant similaritiesReference(s)
SycD/LcrH16819.04.53Amphipathic α-helixNeeded for secretion of YopB and YopD; no specific binding domainIpgC (Shigella), SicA (Salmonella), PcrH (P. aeruginosa) 183, 225, 243, 365,379
SycE/YerA13014.74.55Amphipathic α-helix, Leu repeatNeeded for secretion of YopE; binds to aa 15–50; pilot for YopESycT, ORF1 (P. aeruginosa), Scc1 (C. psittaci) 63, 106, 165, 170, 366,376
SycH14115.74.88Amphipathic α-helix, Leu repeatNeeded for secretion of YopH; binds to aa 20–70OrfU (EPEC) 179, 365
SycT13015.14.40Amphipathic α-helixNeeded for secretion of YopTSycE 170
SycN12313.65.2Amphipathic α-helixNeeded for secretion of YopNPcr2 (P. aeruginosa) 170a
ORF15515517.24.5Amphipathic α-helixUnknownORF1 (Y. pseudotuberculosis), ORF1 (P. syringae) 4a, 171
  • a aa, amino acids.