Spindle midzone-associated proteinsa

Family and protein groupGene or product name(s)Organism or cell typeReference(s)
Chromosomal passenger proteins
DmINCENPD. melanogaster4
ICP-1C. elegans110
    AuroraAIM-1Human256, 258
XAIRK2X. laevis5
Aurora-BD. melanogaster88
Air-2C. elegans221
Ip11S. cerevisiae37
    SurvivinSurvivinHuman10, 135
BIR1C. elegans80
bir1/pbh1/cut17S. pombe
BIR1S. cerevisiae175, 210, 265
Microtubule motor proteins
    CHO1/MKLP1CHO1Chinese hampster ovary191, 192, 224
pavarottiD. melanogaster6
ZEN-4C. elegans206, 209
    KLP3AKLP3AD. melanogaster280
Polo kinasePlkMouse129
PoloD. melanogaster146
plo1S. pombe198
CDC5S. cerevisiae116
  • a Families of spindle midzone-associated proteins and selected homologs from different organisms described in the text are shown. In addition, selected key references that are discussed in the text pertaining to these genes are listed. This table is intended to facilitate reading of the text and is not intended to catalog all homologs or list every original reference for each gene.