Actomyosin ring proteinsa

FamilyGene product(s) or name(s)Organism(s)Reference(s)
Myosin II heavy chainMyo2D. discoideum56, 118
myo2S. pombe117, 164
myo3/myp3S. pombe22, 177
myosin IIEchinoderm embryos153
MYO1S. cerevisiae23, 140
Myosin RLCRMLCD. discoideum42
rlc1S. pombe18, 132
spaghetti squashD. melanogaster112
Myosin ELCELCD. discoideum53
cdc4S. pombe166
MLC1S. cerevisiae28, 227
SeptinCDC3, -10, -11, and -12S. cerevisiae
peanut, Sep1, Sep2D. melanogaster3, 74, 149
Nedd5, H5, Diff6Mouse114, 174, 292
spn1-6S. pombe149
unc-59, unc-61C. elegans156
Cdc15-like proteincdc15S. pombe71
imp2S. pombe58
HOF1/CYK2S. cerevisiae111, 141
PSTPIP, PSTPIP2Mouse247, 281
IQGAP1Human96, 275
GAPAD. discoideum1
rng2S. pombe64
CYK1/IQG1S. cerevisiae65, 140, 199
Small GTPaseRhoX. laevis, mouse, echinoderm60, 115, 173, 189
Cdc42X. laevis60
racED. discoideum127
FormindiaphanousD. melanogaster34
BNI1S. cerevisiae67, 120
cdc12S. pombe39
sepAA. nidulans95
cyk-1C. elegans252
  • a Families of actomyosin ring proteins and selected homologs from different organisms described in the text are shown. In addition, selected key references that are discussed in the text pertaining to these genes are listed. This table is intended to facilitate reading of the text and is not intended to catalog all homologs or list every original reference for each gene.