Microarray studies of osmotic shock

StudyNaCl concn (M)Sorbitol concn (M)Time points testedOther stresses studiedTechnology usedaStrain usedMutation(s)Website
Rep et al. (501)0.70.9545 min (NaCl) and 30 min (sorbitol)NoneGene filters (Research Genetics/Invitrogen)W303-1A hog1Δ, hot1Δ, msn2Δ msn4Δ
Posas et al. (471)0.4, 0.8None10 and 20 minNoneGlass slides with complete ORFs from Research GeneticsTM141 hog1Δ
Gasch et al. (191)None15, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 minTemperature shifts, oxidative stresses, dithiothreitol, hypo-osmotic shock, starvation, stationary phaseGlass slides with complete ORFs (Stanford technology)DBY7286 msn2Δ msn4Δ
Causton et al. (86)11.515, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 minHeat shock, acidity, alkali, H2O2Glass slides with oligonucleotides (Affymetrix)S288C msn2Δ msn4Δ (in W303-1A)
Yale and Bohnert (656)1None10, 30, 90 minNoneGene filters (Research Genetics/Invitrogen)S150-2B gpd1Δ gpd2Δ (in W303-1A)
  • a ORFs, open reading frames.