Kinetic parameters for microbial cellulose utilization

OrganismSubstrate, cultivation modeParameter value (h−1)Reference
Specific growth rateaFirst-order rate constant
A. thermophilumMicrocrystalline cellulose, batch, 74°C0.4 (max, obs)659
Cellulomonas uda ATCC 21399Avicel, batch, 30°C0.027b148
Cellulomonas flavigena JC3Avicel, batch, 35°C0.006b139
C. cellulolyticumATCC 35319MN301, batch, 34°C0.057 (max, obs)157
C. cellulolyticum ATCC 35319MN301, continuous, 34°C0.083 (max, obs)0.05157
C. thermocellum ATCC 27405Avicel PH105, continuous, 60°C0.17 (max, obs)0.16b407
C. thermocellum ATCC 27405Pretreated hardwood, continuous, 60°C0.13 (max, obs)407
F. succinogenes S85Sigmacell 20, continuous, 39°C0.076 (max, obs)0.07727
F. succinogenes S85Ball-milled filter paper, continuous, 39°C0.38 (max, obs)338
R. albus 8Avicel, continuous0.095 (max, obs)c0.05517
R. flavefaciens FD-1Sigmacell 20, continuous, 39°C0.10 (max, obs)0.08617
R. flavefaciens FD-1Ball-milled filter paper, continuous, 39°C0.51 (max, obs)338
Thermonospora sp. strain N-35Avicel, continuous, 55°C0.23 (max, extrap)445
T. reesei QM 9414Cotton, continuous, 28°C0.028 (max, obs)210
T. reesei Rut C30Solka Floc BW 200, 28°C0.077 (max, obs)250
T. reesei Rut C30Solka Floc 200, batch, 28°C0.125 (max, fitted)713
T. reesei QM 9414Ball milled cellulose, continuous, 30°C0.17 (max, extrap)0.1c535
T. reesei QM9123Glucose, continuous, 30°C0.15 (max, extrap)84
Undefined acidogenic mixed culture from digester innoculumCrystalline cellulose (20 μm), continuous, 35°C0.042 (max, obs)0.019c111
  • a “Max, obs” corresponds to the reported growth rate for batch cultures studies and the highest reported steady-state dilution rate for continuous-culture studies. “Max, fitted” corresponds to the maximum growth rate observed in several runs with the value determined by parameter fitting. “Max, extrap” corresponds to the maximum growth rate extrapolated to zero conversion.

  • b Rate constants calculated by Weimer (728) based on data from the references indicated.

  • c Constant calculated for this work based on data from the references indicated.