Summary of data from “restart” experiments

Enzyme source (purification)SubstrateaFactors believed operative in uninterrupted hydrolysesDeclining rate observed upon restart?Reference
Trichoderma longibrachiatum (unpurified)CT cotton stalksYesYesNo233
Trichoderma viride (unpurified)Microcrystalline celluloseNoYesbNo507
Celluclast (unpurified)Microcrystalline celluloseNoYesbYes488
Trichoderma reesei (unpurified)Dilute-acid-pretreated MH??Slight152
Thermobifida fusca (purified components)Filter paper and BMCCNoNoYes776
Trichoderma reesei (purified components)BMCCNoNoYes693
  • a BMCC, bacterial microcrystalline cellulose; CT, chemically treated; MH, mixed hardwood.

  • b Product inhibition, although observed, was not deemed responsible for the declining rate observed.