Approximate plate test phenotypes of A. nidulans mutations affecting pH regulationa

Relevant genotypeGrowth at 25°CGrowth at pH 8Growthb in the presence of MoO42−Growthc in the presence of neomycinAcid phosphatase stainingdAlkaline phosphatase stainingdGABA utilizatione in areAr strain
pacC c ++++++++++
Wild type++++++++++
pacC f ++++++++
pacC +/−, palA, palB, palC, palF, palH+++++++++++
palI , palF+/−, palH+/−+++++++++++
  • a Unless otherwise specified, growth is at 37°C on appropriately supplemented minimal medium at pH 6.5.

  • b Concentration range, 20 to 30 mM.

  • c Concentration range, 0.5 to 2 mg/ml.

  • d On medium lacking phosphate.

  • e As the sole nitrogen source. See reference 3.

  • f Growth scores take into account a reduction of growth on all media.