Alleles having effects on sporulation and/or sterigmatocystin production.

Allele(s)FunctionMutation effectReference(s)
aflR Pathway-specific regulator of stc gene expression 91
    ΔaflRLoss of sterigmatocystin-aflatoxin production 29, 92, 131
Affects conidiation and sclerotial development 25, 97, 108, 120
    OEaflREarly and increased mycotoxin production 106
brlA Pathway-specific regulator of conidiogenesis genes 31
    ΔbrlAAbolishment of conidiation 17, 58
    OEbrlAEarly onset of conidiation, including sporulation in submerged liquid culture; no effect on sterigmatocystin production 8
fluG Involved in synthesis of extracellular, diffusible factor required for conidiation 69
    ΔfluGAconidial; no sterigmatocystin production 55
    OEfluGActivates conidiation; early sterigmatocystin production observed in submerged liquid culture but not on plates 55
flbA Encodes RGS-containing protein; active FlbA inactivates G-protein pathway 70
    ΔflbAAconidial; no sterigmatocystin production 55
    OEflbAPremature sporulation, early sterigmatocystin production 55
fadA α-Subunit of heterotrimeric G protein 133
    ΔfadA and fadAG203RPremature conidiation; early sterigmatocystin production 55
    fadAG42RAconidial; no sterigmatocystin production 55
pkaA cAMP-dependent PKA 106
    ΔpkaAResults in hypersporulation; aberrant sterigmatocystin production 106
    OE pkaADecreased conidiation; no sterigmatocystin production 106
    ΔpkaA ΔflbADouble deletion mutant; partially restores some sporulation; restores sterigmatocystin production 106
    ΔpkaA fadAG42RPartially restores sporulation but not sterigmatocystin production 106
sfaD β-Subunit of heterotrimeric G-protein 99
    ΔsfaDIncreased sporulation 105
  • a Δ indicates the gene has been deleted. OE indicates the gene is overexpressed. fadAG203R is the dominant negative fadA allele. fadAG42R is the dominant activated fadA allele.