Table 9.

Members of the PHS family (family 9)

AbbreviationDescriptionPhylumaOrganismSize (no. of residues)Accession no.Databasea
Pho84 SceInorganic phosphate transporterY Saccharomyces cerevisiae 587 P25297 SP
YaeC SpoPutative inorganic phosphate transporterY Schizosaccharomyces pombe 559 Q09852 SP
YCR98c SceProbable metabolite transporterY Saccharomyces cerevisiae 518 P25346 SP
GvPT GvePhosphate transporterF Glomus versiforme 521 U38650 GB
Pho-5+ NcrHigh-affinity phosphate transporterF Neurospora crassa 569 L36127 GB
AtPT1 AthPhosphate transporterPl Arabidopsis thaliana 524 U62330 GB
AtPT2 AthPhosphate transporterPl Arabidopsis thaliana 534 U62331 GB
PT1 AthPutative phosphate transporterPl Arabidopsis thaliana 524 Y07681 GB
PT2 AthPutative phosphate transporterPl Arabidopsis thaliana 524 Y07682 GB
PT1 StuInorganic phosphate transporter 1Pl Solanum tuberosum 540 X98890 GB
PT2 StuInorganic phosphate transporter 2Pl Solanum tuberosum 527 X98891 GB
  • a For abbreviations, see Table 3footnotes.