Table 2.

Interfamilial comparison scores for representative members of families 7 to 17a

Protein 1FamilyProtein 2FamilyComparison scores (SD)% IdentityNo. of residues comparedNo. of gaps
FucP7, FGHSGtr51, SP8211250
NasA8, NNPYidT14, ACS13211500
Ph849, PHSItr11, SP102458619
NupG10, NHSCscB5, OHS12194158
YhjX11, OFAYkw113, MCP11184025
NanT12, SHSCitA6, MHS102540711
Mot113, MCPNanT12, SHS10174945
GudT14, ACSBmr13, DHA1212223898
YheO15, UMFSge12, DHA1412185435
PcaK16, AAHSGudT14, ACS13184385
YycB17, CPNarK8, NNP10214086
  • a Comparison scores expressed in standard deviations (SD) were determined with the GAP program with 500 random shuffles. Family and protein abbreviations are as indicated in Table 1 and Tables 3 to 17, respectively, with the exception of proteins from families 2 (DHA14) and 3 (DHA12), which are tabulated in reference 60.