Table 4.

Members of the OPA family (family 4)

AbbreviationDescriptionPhylumaOrganismSize (no. of residues)Accession no.Databasea
GlpT BsuGlycerol-3-phosphate transporterB Bacillus subtilis 444 P37948 SP
GlpT EcoGlycerol-3-phosphate transporterB Escherichia coli 452 P08194 SP
IpgH SflIpgH ORFB gene product (truncated by IS insertion)B Shigella flexneri 333 U28354 GB
PgtP StyPhosphoglycerate transporterB Salmonella typhimurium 406 P12681 SP
UhpC EcoHexose phosphate receptorB Escherichia coli 439 P09836 SP
UhpC StyHexose phosphate receptorB Salmonella typhimurium 442 P27669 SP
UhpT EcoHexose phosphate transporterB Escherichia coli 463 P13408 SP
UhpT StyHexose phosphate transporterB Salmonella typhimurium 463 P27670 SP
F47B8.10 CelF47B8.10 (unknown function)An Caenorhabditis elegans 456 Z77662 GB
T11G6.2 CelT11G6.2 (unknown function)An Caenorhabditis elegans 495 Z69384 GB
T11G6.3 CelT11G6.3 (unknown function)An Caenorhabditis elegans 475 Z69384 GB
T11G6.4 CelT11G6.4 (unknown function)An Caenorhabditis elegans 304 Z69384 GB
  • a For abbreviations, see Table 3footnotes.