Table 5.

Members of the OHS family (family 5)

AbbreviationDescriptionPhylumaOrganismSize (no. of residues)Accession no.Databasea
CscB EcoSucrose transporterB Escherichia coli 415 P30000 SP
LacY EcoLactose-proton symporterB Escherichia coli 417 P02920 SP
LacY CfrLactose-proton symporterB Citrobacter freundii 416 P47234 SP
LacY KpnLactose-proton symporterB Klebsiella pneumoniae 416 P18817 SP
MelY EclMelibiose transporterB Enterobacter cloacae 425 AB000622 GB
RafB EcoRaffinose transporterB Escherichia coli 425 P16552 SP
  • a For abbreviations, see Table 3footnotes.