Table 7.

Active immunity against mutans streptococci in rodents

Immunization routeAntigensAdjuvant or vehiculeIncrease in:Reduction in S. mutans countsProtection against cariesReference(s)
Salivary IgA antibody levelsSalivary or serum IgG antibody levels
SubcutaneousWhole cells, glucosyltransferaseComplete Freund adjuvantYesYesYesYes 321,448, 449, 479, 480
TopicalWhole cellsNoneYesNoYesNTa 245
IntranasalAntigen I/IICholera toxinYesYesYesNT 214, 544
OralWhole cells, cell wall, ribosomal extract, antigen I/II, glucosyltransferase, anti-idiotypeMuramyldipeptide, peptidoglycan, concanavalin A, cholera toxin, liposome, aluminum phosphate, clonedSalmonella YesYes/nob YesYes 100,175, 207, 331-333, 341, 382, 409, 449, 482, 516
  • a NT, not tested.

  • b In general, immunization with whole cells gives rise only to salivary IgA antibodies while immunization with soluble antigens and adjuvant, which render the antigens particulate, may also lead to an increase in the level of antibodies in serum.