Table 3.

Relationship between natural salivary IgA antibodies to mutans streptococci and the presence of active caries lesions

No. of subjects in study group (age [yr])SampleAntigens of mutans streptococci in immunoassay (serotype)Correlation of salivary IgA antibodies with caries activityaProtection against cariesReference
100 (20–30)Whole salivaLipoteichoic acidYes 38
53 (3–14)Whole salivaWhole cells (c), glucan, lipoteichoic acidYes 39
42 (22–39)Whole and parotid salivaWhole cells (c), antigen I/II, carbohydrate (c)Yes 72
59 (22–32)Whole salivaWhole cells (c)Yes 491
96 (18–24)Parotid salivaWhole cells (c)No 75
55 (18–20)Parotid salivaWhole cells (b, c)+No 202
79 (mothers)Whole salivaWhole cells (c)NoNo 10
50 (19–21)Whole salivaWhole cells (c)NoNo 169
67 (4–9)Whole salivaWhole cells (c)NoNo 1
  • a Negative (−), positive (+), or no correlation.