Table 1.

The known coat and morphogenetic genes

GeneSize of product (kDa)Genetic controlMap position (degrees)Coat layerbMorphogenetic rolecCommentsc
cotA 65ςK 52OCNone knownControls brown pigment
cotB 59ςK + GerE314OCNone known
cotC 12ςK + GerE168OCNone known
cotD 11ςK 198OCNone known
cotE 24ςE, ςE + SpoIIID150OCRequired for outer coat assembly
cotF 5, 8ςK 356?None knownProteolytically processed
cotG 24ςK + GerE314OCControls CotB assemblyNine tandem copies of 13-aa repeat
cotH 42.8ςK 314ICControls OC protein assemblyNear cotB and cotG
cotJA 9.7ςE 62MatrixNone knownInteracts with CotJC
cotJC 21.7ςE 62MatrixNone knownInteracts with CotJA
cotK 6?164?None knownPutative coat protein
cotL 5.4?164?None knownPutative coat protein
cotM 14ςK 164OCControls outer coat assemblyα-Crystallin-like
cotS 41ςK + GerE270ICNone knownCotE dependent
cotT 7.8ςK 108ICControls inner coat assemblyProteolytically processed
cotV 14ςKςK + GerE107?None knownPutative coat protein
cotW 12ςK, ςK + GerE107?None knownPutative coat protein
cotX 18.6ςK, ςK + GerE107OCControls outer coat assemblyInsoluble fraction
cotY 17.9ςK, ςK + GerE107OCMay control outer coat assemblyInsoluble fraction
cotZ 16.5ςK, ςK + GerE107OCMay control outer coat assemblyInsoluble fraction
spoIVA 55ςE 204NCPAttaches the precoat to the forespore
spoVID 65ςE 244NCPInvolved in coat attachment
sodA 25?221NCPInvolved in coat morphogenesis
  • a Only the sigma factors and major positive regulators are listed. See the text for a more complete description of the genetic control.

  • b Assignments of coat proteins to coat layers have been directly demonstrated only for CotE and CotS. Otherwise, the assignments are inferences. IC, inner coat; OC, outer coat; NCP, not considered a coat protein.

  • c These comments must be read in conjunction with the caveats discussed in the text. aa, amino acid.