Table 20.

Motif characterization exemplified by proteins of the PHS family (family 9)a

Sequence namebResidues comparedcMotif diagramdMotif BeMotif De
PT1 Stu (a)1–28326-[A]--52--[B]-42-[C]--63--[D]-38DKMGRKKVYMPETARYTALV
PT2 Ath (a)1–27827-[A]--52--[B]-41-[C]--63--[D]-33DKLGRKKVYMPETARYTALV
AtPT2 Ath (a)1–26936-[A]--45--[B]-42-[C]--53--[D]-31DRLGRKRMYIPETPRYTMDV
GuPT Gve (a)1–28236-[A]--45--[B]-42-[C]--53--[D]-44DRLGRKRMYIPETPRYTMDV
PT2 Stu (a)1–28329-[A]--53--[B]-42-[C]--63--[D]-34AKMGRKKVYMPETARYTALV
AtPT1 Ath (a)1–28127-[A]--52--[B]-42-[C]--63--[D]-35DKLGRKKVYMPETARYTALV
Pho84 Sce (a)1–31768-[A]--45--[B]-42-[C]--63--[D]-37DIVGRKRIYIPESPRYQLDV
Pho-5+ Ncr (a)1–30353-[A]--97---------[C]--63--[D]-37DKMWRTVIGIPETPRYTFDV
PT1 Stu (b)284–54020-[A′]-54--[B]-41-[C′]-57--[D]-27DRIGRFAIQVPESKGKSLEE
PT2 Ath (b)279–52323-[A′]-54--[B]-41-[C′]-57--[D]-12DTIGRFKIQVPEPKGKSLEE
PT2 Stu (b)284–52723-[A′]-54--[B]-41-[C′]-57--[D]-11DIIGRFAIQVPESKGKSLEE
Pho84 Sce (b)318–58735-[A′]-51--[B]-37-[C′]-54--[D]-35DIIGRKPIQIPETKRKTLEE
AtPT1 Ath (b)282–53422-[A′]-54--[B]-41-[C′]-57--[D]-21DVIGRFAIQVPESKGKSLEE
GuPT Gve (b)283–52115-[A′]-57--[B]-40-[C′]-48--[D]-21DSWGRKPIQIPETKGLSLEE
AtPT2 Ath (b)270–52128-[A′]-57--[B]-40-[C′]-48--[D]-21DSWGRKPIQIPETKGLSLEE
Pho-5+ Ncr (b)304–56930-[A′]-53--[B]-37-[C′]-53--[D]-35DTVGRKPIQIPETKRKTLEE
Multilevel consensus sequenceDKIGRKKIQIPETKRYTLEE
M   P    L
  • a The MEME and MAST programs (5) were used for motif identification.

  • b Abbreviation of the protein (Table 9) and an indication of whether the N-terminal half (a) or the C-terminal half (b) was examined.

  • c Actual residues in each protein segment analyzed.

  • d Spacing (in numbers of amino acyl residues) between the various motifs detected. These common motifs were as follows: motif A, AGMGFFTDAYDLF; motif A′, SWFLLDIAFY; motif B, DKWGRKKIY; motif C, DYPLSATIMSEYANKKWRGAMMAAVFAMQ; motif C′, NFGPNATTFIVPGEIFPTRYRSTCHGIS; motif D, MPETKRYTLEE.

  • e Motifs B and D as they occur in each of the protein segments examined. The multilevel motif consensus sequences for motifs B and D are provided below the motif B and D sequences, respectively.