Table 9.

Active immunity against mutans streptococci in humans

No. of subjects in study groupImmunization routeAntigens (serotype)Vehicle or adjuvantIncrease in:Decrease in the level of S. mutansReference
Salivary IgA antibodies against S. mutansSerum antibodies against S. mutans
3Topical (lower lips)Whole cells (c)CapsuleNoNTa Yesb 247
11OralWhole cells (d)NoneNoNTYesb 152
4OralWhole cells (d)NoneNoNoYesb 40
8OralWhole cells (d)CapsuleNoNoYesb 89
5OralWhole cells (indigenous)CapsuleYesNoYes 170
25OralGlucosyltransferase (g)Aluminum phosphate, capsuleYesNoYes 442
23Topical (lower lips)Glucosyltransferase (g)Aluminum phosphateYesNoYes 443
4OralWhole cells (d)CapsuleYesNoNT 325
5OralWhole cells (c) (indigenous)CapsuleYesNoNT 101
7OralGlucosyltransferase (c)LiposomeYesNTNT 82
  • a NT, not tested.

  • b Decrease in implanted S. mutans.