Table 2.

Composition of media used for growing Prochlorococcusa

ComponentConcn of component inb:
CPTC-based (A)K/10-Cu (B)PC (C)PRO2 (D)PCR-S11 (E)
 Urea20 μM50 μM100 μM
 NH4ClB,C,D or (NH4)2SO4E50 μM50 μM50 μM400 μM
 β-glycerol-phosphateA,C (or NaH2PO4)B,D,E10 μM10 μM10 μM10 μM50 μM
Chelator/trace metals
 CPTC100 μM
 EDTA-Na211.7 μM11.7 μM1.2 μM8 μM
 FeSO4A or FeCl3B,C,D,E0.1 μM1.2 μM1.2 μM1.2 μM8 μM
 MnCl2A,B,C,D or MnSO4E10 nM90 nM90 nM90 nM30 nM
 ZnCl2B,C,D or ZnSO4E8 nM8 nM8 nM3 nM
 CoCl2B,C,D [or Co(NO3)2]E5 nM5 nM5 nM1.5 nM
 Na2MoO4A,B,C,D or (NH4)6 Mo7O24E10 nM3 nM3 nM3 nM1.5 nM Mo
 Na2SeO3B,C,D or SeO2E10 nM10 nM10 nM1.5 nM
 NiSO4 or NiCl2D,E10 nM10 nM1.5 nM
 Na2WO40.3 nM
 KBr3 nM
 KI1.5 nM
 Cd(NO3)21.5 nM
 CuSO41.5 nM
 Cr(NO3)30.3 nM
 VOSO40.3 nM
 KaI(SO4)23 nM
 H3BO3150 nM
 Thiamine-HCl10 μM
 Biotin50 nM
 B1250 nM7 nM
  • a When different forms of a chemical are used in different media, a letter code (A through E) is used to indicate which form is used in which medium.

  • b CPTC-based medium (20), K/10-Cu (20), PC (2), PRO2 (105), and PCR-S11 (142) are described elsewhere.