Table 3.

Proteins involved in gene expression regulation

ProteinHP no.Putative function
HspRHP1025Heat shock protein
GroELHP0010Chaperone and heat shock protein
DnaKHP0109Cochaperone and heat shock protein 70
DnaJHP1332Cochaperone and heat shock protein
GrpEHP0110Cochaperone and heat shock protein
SpoTHP0775Control of ppGpp synthesis
GppAHP0278Control of pppGpp synthesis
CstAHP1168Carbon starvation
LytBHP0400Penicillin tolerance
NdKHP0198De novo synthesis of nucleotide
Signal-transducing proteins
 VanRBHP1365Transcriptional activator
 FleRHP0703Transcriptional activator
 PopPHP1043Transcriptional regulator
 CiaRHP1043Transcriptional regulator
 HypFHP0048Transcriptional regulator
 TenAHP1287Transcriptional activator
 NifR3HP0727Transcriptional activator
 AtoSHP0244Histidine kinase sensor protein
 PhorHP0164Signal-transducing protein kinase
 RprXHP1364Signal-transducing protein
  • a The products are identified as regulatory proteins by conserved motifs.