Table 3.

Features of the tnp transposition region of Tn21

Tn21IRtnp  1–38
tnpA gene  (34–3000)
tnpA −35(3086–3091)
tnpR gene(3003–3563)
tnpR −35(3614–3618)
resIII (3576–3605)
resII (3610–3652)
resI (3668–3704)
Recombination crossover point(3684–3685)
tnpM gene(3689–4039)
tnpM −10b (4086–4091)
tnpM −35b (4109–4114)
Alternate tnpM−10b (4094–4099)
AlternatetnpM −35b (4115–4120)
  • a Parentheses indicate that the ORF or control site is on the complementary strand in the sequence compiled in GenBank accession no. AF071413.

  • b There are two possible −10 and −35 promoter regions for tnpM; however, neither conform well to the consensus sequence for ς−70 RNA polymerase. Both lie within the left end of In2.