Table 4.

Expression of HXT1 and HXT2 ingrr1, rgt1, snf3, rgt2,RGT2-1 and snf3 rgt2 mutantsa

Relevant genotypeMean β-galactosidase activity (Miller units)
GalGal + GluGluGalGal + GluGlu
Wild type0.61.62542119532
rgt1 14144219133420
snf3 0.71.222716237
rgt2 0.84.2621939734
RGT2-1 3022339321341548
snf3 rgt2 0.6ND0.9614ND
  • a Data are from references109 and 114. Gal, galactose; Glu, glucose; ND, not determined.