Table 7.

Support or lack thereof from the individual aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases for various major bacterial taxonomic groupings

Taxonomic groupaSupport for presence of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetaseb:
 β,γtsdtsdtsdtsdtsdtsdtsdtsdtsd tsdtsdtsdtsdtsd tsdts
 α,β,γt dtstsstsdtsdtsdtsd tsdsd s
 α,β,γ,ɛdtstssts tss s
 BEStsdtsdtsdtsdtsdtstsdtsdtsd tsdtsdtsdtsdt d t
 BES,Cldtsdsdtsds sddt d
 BES,Mysdstsdsstdsdsd ssdtsd
Cytophaga-Chlorobium tsstsdtsdtststsdtstsdtsdtsdtstsd
Deinococcus-Thermus tsdND+tsdtsdtsND+tsd+tsdtsdtsdtsd+++tsd
  • a Taxonomic abbreviations are more or less evident: α, β, etc., are the various divisions of theProteobacteria. BES,Bacillus-Enterococcus-Streptococcus taxon; Cl,Clostridium acetobutylicum; My, mycoplasmas; Mb, mycobacteria.

  • b The amino acids are given their one-letter codes. t, monophyletic (orthophyletic) unit in corresponding phylogenetic tree; s, signature analysis supports the unit; d, dipeptide similarity supports the unit; ∗, relationships too complex to be displayed in this tabular form; −, relationship definitely ruled out; + (in Deinococcus row), specific relationship can be detected using BLAST scores for Thermus provided by the Göttingen Website (; ND (inDeinococcus row), no definitive data available.