Table 2.

Nodulation capacities of some broad-host-range rhizobia isolated from various legumes

Plant nodulatedaNodulationa, bby rhizobia isolated from:
Mucuna(P10)cAlbizia(M5)Desmodium (P11)Glycine(P10)Lablab (P10) NGR234Sesbania (P8)
Amorpheae (P6)
Mirbelieae (P24)
Phaseoleae (P10)
Centrosema spp.+++++
Phaseolus spp.++++++
Robinieae (P8)
  • a Letters in brackets represent the subfamily to which the legume belongs (M, Mimosoideae; P, Papilionoideae), and the numbers represent the tribe (201).

  • b +, effective (Fix+) nodulation; −, failure to nodulate (Nod). Data forMucuna, Albizia, Desmodium, andSesbania rhizobia from reference 279; data for Glycine (rhizobial strain USDA257) andLablab (rhizobial strain NGR234) rhizobia from reference207.

  • c We assigned this rhizobial isolate toBradyrhizobium because of its slow growth.