Table 10.

Substrate selectivities of secondary carriers

SubstrateNo. of familiesFamiliesTotal no. of families/categorya
I.C. Inorganic cations30
 Di- and trivalent ions18APC, CaCA, CDF, RND, CadD, NiCoT, Ctr1, Ctr2, ZIP, FeT, OFeT, MerTP, MerC, CitMHS, MgtE, APC, Nramp, MFS18
 Monovalent ions
  H+10NhaA, NhaB, NhaC, CPA1, CPA2, Trk, NhaD, CPA3, KUP, MC13
  K+7CaCA, CCC, CPA1, CPA2, Trk, CPA3, KUP
  Na+9CCC, NhaA, NhaB, NhaC, CPA1, CPA2, Trk, NhaD, CPA3
  NH4+ or NH31AMT
I.D. Inorganic anions16
 Nonselective2AE, SSS
 Arsenite/antimonite2ArsB, ACR3
 Chloride2CCC, AE
 Nitrate/nitrite3MFS, POT, FNT
 Phosphate5MFS, PiT, MC, DASS, PNaS
 Sulfate4DASS, SulP, CHR, MC
 Tellurite1 or 2TDT, ArsB (?)
II. Carbon compounds28
 II.A. Sugars4MFS, RhaT, SSS, GPH
 II.B. Monocarboxylates14FNT, MFS, AAAP, AEC, BenE, RND, BASS, OAT, GntP, KDGT, LctP, CCS, SSS, CAAT
 II.C. Di- and tricarboxylates13MFS, CitMHS, CCS, DASS, Dcu, TDT, DAACS, MC, TRAP-T, DcuC, MTC, AEC, MSS
 II.D. Organo anions2MFS, TP-NST
III. Amino acids and derivatives23
 III.A. Amino acids and conjugates20APC, AGC, AAAP, NSS, Dcu, DAACS, MC, LIVCS, ESS, POT, AEC, MFS, BCCT, SSS, ArsB, LCT, HAAAP, LysE, RhtB, CAAT
 III.B. Amines, amides, and polyamines9MFS, MC, APC, AAAP, AEC, SSS, BCCT, NSS, CAAT
 III.C. Peptides5MFS, POT, OPT, PUP, RND
IV. Bases and derivatives10
 IV.A. Nucleobases3NCS1, NCS2, MET
 IV.B. Nucleosides7MFS, SSS, CNT, ENT, INT, NCS1, MET
 IV.C. Nucleotides2AAA, MC
V. Vitamins, cofactors, and their precursors14
 V.A. Vitamins; vitamin and cofactor precursors9AbgT, SSS, FBT, MFS, MC, RFC, NCS1, NCS2, BRT
 V.B. Enzyme and redox cofactors5MFS, APC, TP-NST, MC, PnuC
 V.C. Siderophores1MFS
 V.D. Signaling molecules3RND, OAT, MFS
VI. Drugs, dyes, sterols, and toxins9
 VI.A. Multiple drugs6MFS, RND, SMR, MATE, POT, MET
 VI.B. Specific drugs5MFS, RND, POT, RFC, OAT
 VI.C. Bile salts and conjugates3MFS, RND, BASS
 VI.D. Sterols and conjugates3MFS, RND, OAT
VII. Macromolecules4
 VII.A. Complex carbohydrates2PST, RND
 VII.B. Proteins1 or 2Tat, RND(?)
 VII.C. Lipids2RND, AE
  • a See footnote a to Table 5.