Table 21.

Transporters for which three-dimensional structural data have been reporteda

Transporter type and TC no.ProteinFamilySourcePDB codeb
1.A. α-Type channels
 1.A.1.1.1K+ channel, KcsAVICStreptomyces lividans1BL8
 1.A.9.1.1Acetylcholine receptorLICTorpedoelectric organ3MRA
 1.A.21.1.1Apoptosis regulator, Bcl-X(L)Bcl-2Homo sapiens1MAZ
 1.A.22.1.2Mechanosensitive channelMscLMycobacterium tuberculosis1MSL
1.B. β-Barrel porins
 1.B.1.1.1Porin (OmpC)GBPE. coli1IIV (Theo.)
 1.B.1.1.2Porin (PhoE)GBPE. coli1PHO
 1.B.1.1.3Porin (OmpF)GBPE. coli1OPF
 1.B.3.1.1Maltoporin (LamB)SPSalmonella typhimurium1MAL
 1.B.6.1.1Porin (OmpA)OOPE. coli1BXW
 1.B.7.1.1Porin (PorCa)RPPRhodobacter capsulatus2POR
 1.B.14.1.4FhuA ferrichrome receptorOMRE. coli1BY5
1.C. Pore-forming protein and peptide toxins
 1.C.1.1.1Colicin IaColicinE. coli1CII
 1.C.1.2.2Colicin E1ColicinE. coli1COL
 1.C.2.1.1Cry 1AaICPBacillus thuringiensis1CIY
 1.C.2.2.1Cry 3AaICPBacillus thuringiensis1DLC
 1.C.3.1.1α-HemolysinαHLStaphylococcus aureus7AHL
 1.C.4.1.1AerolysinAerolysinAeromonas hydrophila1PRE
 1.C.18.1.1MelittinCAPBee venom2MLT
 1.C.19.1.1Defensin 1CAPHomo sapiens1DFN
1.D. Non-ribosomally synthesized channels
 1.D.1.1.1Gramicidin AGramicidinBacillus brevis1GMK
3.D. Redox-driven proton pumps
 3.D.3.2.1Quinol:cytochrome creductaseQCRBos taurus1RIE
 3.D.4.6.1Cytochrome c oxidaseCOXParacoccus denitrificans1ARI
 3.D.4.7.1Cytochrome coxidaseCOXBos taurus1OCC
3.E. Light-driven proton pumps
 3.E.1.1.1BacteriorhodopsinBRHalobacterium salinarum1BRR
 3.E.2.1.1Reaction centerRCRhodobacter sphaeroides1PSS
  • a Three-dimensional structural data for transporters included within TC categories 2, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4, 8, and 9 are not yet available. Structures of water-soluble domains of ABC transporters (TC 3.A.1), F-type ATPases (TC 3.A.2), P-type ATPases (TC 3.A.3), several PTS permeases (TC 4.A.1–4.A.3 and 4.A.6), and the MerTP permease (TC 9.A.2) are also available. Literature citations describing the structural data summarized in this table are available by reference to our web site.

  • b PDB code, code for the protein database containing the three-dimensional structure of this protein.