Table 23.

Families of auxiliary transport proteins

TC no.Family
8.A.1Membrane fusion protein (MFP) family
8.A.2Secretin auxiliary lipoprotein (SAL) family
8.A.3Cytoplasmic membrane-periplasmic auxiliary-1 (MPA1) protein with cytoplasmic (C) domain (MPA1−C or MPA1+C) family
8.A.4Cytoplasmic membrane-periplasmic auxiliary-2 (MPA2) family
8.A.5Voltage-gated K+ channel β-subunit (VICβ) family
8.A.7Phosphotransferase system enzyme I (EI) family
8.A.8Phosphotransferase system HPr (HPr) family
8.A.9rBAT (rBAT) family of putative transport accessory proteins
8.A.10Slow voltage-gated K+ channel accessory protein (MinK) family
8.A.11Phospholamban (Ca2+-ATPase regulator) (PLB) family
8.A.12ABC bacteriocin exporter accessory protein (BEA) family
8.A.13Tetratricopeptide repeat (Tpr1) family