Table 8.

Putative proteases and peptidases of B. subtilis

ProteaseaDescriptionLocationReference or SubtiList accession no.
AlbE (YwhO)Similar to Synechocystis sp. processing peptidaseCytoplasm 336
AlbF (YwhN)Similar to mitochondrial zinc-endoproteaseCytoplasm 336
AmpSPutative aminopeptidase; metalloproteaseCytoplasmBG10986
AprXAlkaline serine proteaseCytoplasmBG12567
ClpEATP-dependent Clp protease-likeCytoplasmBG12578
ClpPATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic subunit; requires ATP-binding subunit ClpA/ClpXCytoplasm 315
HslV (ClpQ, CodW)Similar to β-subunit of the 20S proteasome; requires ATP-binding subunit HslU (ClpY)Cytoplasm 265
IspAMajor intracellular serine proteaseCytoplasm 143
LonAHeat shock ATP-dependent proteaseCytoplasm 230
LonBLon-like ATP-dependent proteaseCytoplasm 230
Map (AmpM)Methionine aminopeptidaseCytoplasm 185
MlpA (YmxG)Similar to mitochondrial processing peptidase (metalloprotease)Cytoplasm 32
PcpPyrrolidone carboxyl peptidaseCytoplasm 7
PepTTripeptidaseCytoplasm 255
SpoVKATP-dependent FtsH-like proteaseCytoplasmBG11039
TepASimilarity to both SPPase and ClpP-type proteasesCytoplasm 30
YclESimilar to prolyl aminopeptidaseCytoplasmBG12026
YflGParalogue of methionine aminopeptidase (Map)CytoplasmBG12942
YjbGSimilar to oligoendopeptidaseCytoplasmBG13136
YjoBATP-dependent FtsH-like proteaseCytoplasmBG13216
YkvYSimilar to Xaa-Pro dipeptidaseCytoplasmBG13326
YlbLSimilar to Lon proteasesCytoplasmBG13364
YmfGSimilar to processing peptidase, paralogue of AlbECytoplasmBG13427
YmfHSimilar to mitochondrial processing peptidase (metalloprotease)CytoplasmBG13428
YpwASimilar to carboxypeptidase; metalloproteaseCytoplasmBG11458
YqgTSimilar to gamma-d-glutamyl-l-diamino acid endopeptidase ICytoplasmBG11687
YqhTSimilar to Xaa-Pro dipeptidaseCytoplasmBG11708
YqjESimilar to tripeptidase; paralogue of PepTCytoplasmBG11734
YrrNPutative protease; similar to collagenase fromMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicum CytoplasmBG13795
YrrOPutative protease; paralogue of YrrNCytoplasmBG13796
YtjPSimilar to Xaa-His dipeptidaseCytoplasmBG13867
YuiESimilar to leucyl aminopeptidaseCytoplasmBG13970
YusXSimilar to oligoendopeptidaseCytoplasmBG14036
YwpESimilar to surface protein sorting sulfhydryl protease (Staphylococcus aureus SrtA)CytoplasmBG12499
YuxLSimilar to acylaminoacyl-peptidaseCytoplasmBG10463
ComCType IV prepilin-like SPaseMembrane 53
CtpASimilar to carboxy-terminal processing protease (E. coli Tsp)Membrane 162
FtsHATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidaseMembrane 72
HtrA (YkdA)Similar to serine protease HtrAMembraneBG12608
LspType II SPaseMembrane 223
SipS/T/U/V/WType I SPasesMembrane 289, 290,307
SppA (YteI)SPPaseMembrane 30
YhcSSimilar to surface protein sorting sulfhydryl protease (Staphylococcus aureus SrtA)MembraneBG11597
YcdDSimilar to l-alanoyl-d-glutamate peptidase; putative lipoproteinMembraneBG12760
YhfN (YzoA)Similar to prenyl protein-specific endoprotease from S. cerevisiae; putative metalloproteaseMembraneBG11029
YvjBCarboxy-terminal processing protease, similar to E. coli TspMembraneBG14110
YvtASimilar to serine protease HtrA from E. coli MembraneNoone and Devine, GenBank accession no. AAF03153
YyxA (YycK)Similar to serine protease HtrA from E. coli Membrane 45
YodJSimilar tod-alanyl-d-alanine carboxypeptidaseCell wallBG13538
DacAPenicillin-binding protein 5 (d-alanyl-d-alanine carboxypeptidase)Cell wall 324
DacBPenicillin-binding protein 5* (d-alanyl-d-alanine carboxypeptidase)Cell wall 43
DacFPenicillin-binding protein (d-alanyl-d-alanine carboxypeptidase)Cell wall 330
LytECell wall hydrolase; probable endopeptidaseCell wall 164
WprACell wall-associated protein precursor (serine protease)Cell wall 163
AprEAlkaline serine protease (subtilisin E)Extracellular 273
Bpr (Bpf)Bacillopeptidase F (serine protease)Extracellular 267
Epr (Ipa-15r)Minor serine proteaseExtracellular 266
Mpr“Metalloprotease,” but belongs to the family of serine proteasesExtracellular 267
NprBNeutral protease B (metalloprotease)Extracellular 297
NprENeutral protease E (metalloprotease)Extracellular 334
Vpr (Ipa-45r)Minor serine proteaseExtracellular 268
YwaD (Ipa-8r)Similar to aminopeptidaseExtracellularBG10554