Table 4.

Predicted lipoprotein signal peptidesa

  • a Putative lipoprotein signal peptides were identified as described in the text. Positively charged lysine (K) and arginine (R) residues in the N-domain are indicated in bold letters. The hydrophobic H-domain is indicated in gray shading. The residues at positions −3 to +1, forming the lipobox, are underlined. The SPase II cleavage site is indicated with a gap in the amino acid sequence. Leucine residues at position −3 and strictly conserved cysteine residues at position +1 are indicated in bold letters. Lipoproteins containing (putative) transmembrane domains in the mature part of the protein are indicated with a superscript TM. Conserved residues of the RR-motif (R-R-X-#-#) (60) in the N-domains of the putative lipoproteins SpoIIIJ, YdeJ, YdhF, YdhK, and YmzC (indicated with a superscript RR) are enlarged. Based on theoretical considerations, the putative start sites of the potential lipoproteins YhaR and YhfQ (indicated with ∗) have been modified in a recent update of SubtiList. If the new annotation is correct, it is uncertain whether YhaR and YhfQ are lipoproteins.