Table 5.

Unique protein families in D. radiodurans

ORFs in familyRange of identity (%)Approx lengthaSequence features and comments
DRA0346, DRB014533400α/β proteins
DR1261, DR13483180DQE/H-rich proteins, predominantly β-strand proteins; present in Caulobacter crescentusunfinished genome
DR1022, DR218543150Predominantly α-helix proteins; N-terminal domain in DR1022 (C-terminal domain is a MazG-like protein, related to phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphatase)
DR0082, DR2593, DR174831–35160Repetitive sequences (GRhGG repeats); coiled-coil
DR2532, DR245743120α/β proteins, tryptophan-rich
DR0871, DR1920, DR236036–44120Membrane proteins; CXPXXXC motif; DR0871 has duplication of the domain
DR1814, DR100030150Predominantly α-helical proteins
DR2179, DR161171150Possible recent duplication; α/β proteins
DR1251, DR1319, DR154526–31180Secreted α/β proteins with a single conserved cysteine
DR1530, DR041943130Predominantly α-helical proteins; contain a glycine-rich loop
DRA0012, DR224143450A 90-amino-acid N-terminal repeat; contain CXXC and CXXXC motifs; predominantly α-helical and coiled-coil proteins
DR0481, DR1195, DR130131–44170Predominantly α-helical proteins; some have transmembrane segments
DR0387 (DR2038 + DR2039)38–46260Predominantly α-helical proteins
  • a Number of amino acids.