Table 2.

Examples of hyperthermophile genes cloned by complementation or by activity screening at high temperature

SourceGeneCloning methodaPromoterReference
Thermotoga maritima EndoxylanaseASVector plac promoter 60
β-FructosidaseASNot known 217
α-GalactosidaseASNot known 219
β-GalactosidaseASLambda p Lpromoter 111
β-GlucosidaseASNot known 111
GDHCNot known (own promoter present) 193
MaltosyltransferaseASOwn promoter 243
Thermotoga neapolitana Adenylate kinaseCOwn promoterUDb
Pyrococcus furiosus Methionine aminopeptidaseASNot known 341
Ornithine carbamoyltransferaseCVector Tac promoter 282
AmylopullulanaseAS E. coli-like promoter 86
α-AmylaseAS E. coli-like promoter 85
Pyrrolidone carboxyl peptidaseASNot known 342
EsteraseASNot known 157
EndoglucanaseASNot known 20
Pyrococcus woesei PullulanaseASNot known 283
Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Aspartate carbamoyltransferaseCNot known 90
  • a AS, activity screening; C, complementation.

  • b UD, A. Savchenko, H. H. Hyun, C. Vieille, and J. G. Zeikus, unpublished data.