Table 11.

Deinococcus-Thermus differences

Protein nameDeinococcusgene_IDThermus GIComment
Absent in D. radiodurans
 Aspartokinase α-21616998
 Aspartokinase β-21616997
 Adenine-N6-DNA methyltransferase1942357
 SAM-dependent methyltransferase1655696Archaeal form
 Dioxygenase281495Specific for thermophiles, archaea, and eukaryotes
 Xylose isomerase94736
 Site-specific deoxyribonuclease77598
 Site-specific DNA-methyltransferase77594
 Restriction endonuclease2665832
 IS element217182
Dissimilar orthologs
 DNA polymerase III, gamma and tau subunitDR24102583049Significant differences in protein length (variation in C-terminal tail)
 DNA polymerase XDR04671526547 D. radiodurans contains an additional PHP domain, which is present also in B. subtilisand M. thermoautotrophicum; the polymerase domain inDeinococcus appears to be inactivated
Acetolactate synthase, large subunitDR15161311482The similarity between the Deinococcus and Thermus proteins is low compared to the similarity between each of them and orthologs from other bacteria