Table 6.

Comparison of the ion pair contents of P. furiosus and Clostridium symbiosumGDHsa

CharacteristicValue for:
C. symbiosumP. furiosus
No. of IPsb per subunit2645
No. of IPs per residue0.060.11
% of charged residues forming IPs4054
% of IPs formed by Arg/Lys/His46/31/2364/27/9
% of IPs formed by Asp/Glu46/5447/53
% of all Arg forming IPs5590
No. of residues forming 2 IPs617
No. of residues forming 3 IPs15
No. of 2/3/4-residue networksc72/24/1254/24/12
No. of 5/6/18-residue networkc0/0/012/6/3
% of IPs in networks of >3 residuesc2362
No. of intersubunit IPsc3054
No. of interdomain IPs17
  • a Adapted from reference 368with permission of the publisher.

  • b IP, ion pair.

  • c Numbers refer to the hexamers.