Table 4.

Distribution of tet resistance genes among gram-negative bacteriaa

EffluxRibosomal protectionb and/or efflux
One geneTwo or more genesOne geneTwo or more genes
Genus Gene GenusGenes Genus Gene Genus Genes
Actinobacillus tet(B) Edwardsiella tet(A), tet(D) Eikenella tet(M) Butyrivibrioc tet(O), tet(W)
Erwinia tet(B) Providencia tet(B),tet(E), tet(I) Kingella tet(M) Mitsuokellac tet(Q), tet(W)
Moraxella tet(B) Plesiomonas tet(A),tet(B), tet(D) Neisseria tet(M) Selenomonasc tet(Q), tet(W)
Pantoea tet(B) Enterobacter tet(B), tet(C), tet(D) Campylobacter tet(O) Porphyromonasc tet(Q),tet(W)
Treponemad tet(B) Mannheimia tet(B),tet(G), tet(H) Capnocytophagac tet(Q) Bacteroidesc tet(M),tet(Q), tet(X)
Yersinia tet(D) Proteus tet(A),tet(B), tet(C), tet(J) Prevotellac tet(Q) Fusobacteriumc tet(L),tet(M), tet(W)
Alcaligenes tet(E) Pseudomonas tet(A),tet(C), tet(E), tet(G) Haemophilus tet(B),tet(K), tet(M)
Eubacteriumc tet(K) Serratia tet(A), tet(B),tet(C), tet(E) Veillonellac tet(L),tet(M), tet(Q)
Agrobacterium tet(30)e Citrobacter tet(A), tet(B),tet(C), tet(D) Pasteurella tet(B), tet(D), tet(H),tet(G), tet(M)
Klebsiella tet(A), tet(B), tet(C),tet(D)
Shigella tet(A), tet(B), tet(C),tet(D)
Salmonella tet(A), tet(B), tet(C),tet(D), tet(G)
Aeromonas tet(A),tet(B), tet(D), tet(E),tet(31)e
Vibrio tet(A),tet(B), tet(C), tet(D),tet(E), tet(G)
Escherichia tet(A), tet(B), tet(C),tet(D), tet(E), tet(I),tet(Y)
  • a Based on information from references8, 9, 11, 14, 19, 40, 45, 55, 58-61, 81, 94, 97, 104, 111, 115,116, 120, 122, 132, 139, 143, 149, 151, 152, 155, 163, 168-170, 182,189, 200, 201, 206, 224, 227, 232, 233, 234, 241, 248, 256, 262, 267,280, 282, 296, 314, 317, and 319, and M. Roberts, unpublished results).

  • b Ribosomal protection genes have not yet been found in enteric genera, and when these genes are cloned into E. coli the level of resistance conferred is relatively low.

  • c Anaerobic species.

  • d T. denticola anaerobic species, but not all species in the genus are anaerobes.

  • e Beginning of the number designations.