Type IV homologues encoded by conjugative elements from unicellular gram-positive bacteria

Vir proteinHomologous Orf proteinSize (amino acids)Reference
VirB1Orf41 of pAD142375
Orf50 of pAD183075
Orf7 of pIP501369118
Orf30 of pRE25368186
TrsG of pGO1358143
TraG of pSK4135815
Orf16 of Tn91681672
VirB4Orf5 of pIP501653215
Orf28 of pRE25653186
TrsE of pGO1672143
TraE of pSK4167215
TraE of pMRC0167259
Orf20 of Tn154980079
VirB11Orf59 of pXO1477154
Orf25 of pXO2443155
VirD4Orf10 of pIP501551118
Orf33 of pRE25551186
TrsK of pGO1546143
TraK of pSK4154615
TraK of pMRC0153059
Orf16 of Tn154956479
Orf53 of pAD174776