Potential T4 membrane proteins and their cellular locations

ProteinP-SORT predictionsaMembrane domainbSize (aa)Cut sitecMaxH (%)Commentsd
Inner membranePeriplasmOuter membrane
Inner membrane
    rI0.2100.0000.0002-1897Not M
    Ac0.7000.0000.7905-275132, 19100.0M, SOSUI: IM
    Imm0.0000.9260.1817-298354100.0M, SOSUI: IM
    PseT.20.0000.0000.0001-2198Not M, P
    47.10.3380.0000.00030-464619100.0Not S
    Imm.10.7000.0000.79012519, 141.0lpp
Outer membrane/periplasm
    sp = rIV0.0000.9350.2749722Not M
    Ndd.20.0000.2660.9343632Not M
  • a The PSORT predictions for each site are given in a decimal form, 0 to 1.0, that is related to the strength of the prediction but is not an actual probability; for a given protein, they never add up to 1 for the sum of the different sites. All of these proteins show a “0” prediction for the cytoplasm.

  • b Amino acids in the predicted membrane domain of each protein are listed.

  • c Cut site refers to the position(s) at which the predicted leader peptide would be cleaved.

  • d not M, P, S: not predicted by MaxH, PSORT or SOSUI, respectively. M, SOSUI, inner membrane location predicted by these programs. lpp, lipoprotein. See the text for the URL and description of the output for each program.