C. albicans SAP genes and deduced proteinsa

GenePrepropeptide size (aa)cNo. of KR and KK sitesbORF size (bp)cMature enzyme size (aa)cNo. of N-glycosylation (propeptide) sitesdChromosomedReference
SAP1502 KR1,1733411 (0)6101
SAP2562 KR1,1943420 (2)R250
SAP3581 KR1,1943401 (1)3247
SAP4754 KR1,2543420 (1)6144
SAP5764 KR1,2543420 (0)6147
SAP6764 KR1,2543420 (1)6147
SAP72111 KK1,7643771 (4)1147
SAP8732 KR1,2154051 (1)3146
SAP9501 KR, 1 KK1,6325444 (0)3146
SAP10381 KR1,3264038 (0)466
  • a Reprinted from reference 98 with permission.

  • b All Sap proteins contain Lys/Arg (KR)- or Lys/Lys (KK)-processing sites and four conserved cysteine residues.

  • c The sizes of the prepropeptide (signal peptide and propeptide) and the mature enzyme are shown in amino acids (aa), and the size of the open reading frame (ORF) is shown in base pairs.

  • d The number of potential N-glycosylation sites, including those located in the propeptide (in parentheses), and the chromosomal location of the gene are also shown. Sap9 and 10 have structural elements typical of GPI proteins (27).