Representative members of group A colicinsa

ColicinReceptorTranslocationCytotoxic activity
ABtuBOmpF, TolQRABPore formation
E1BtuBTolC, TolQRAPore formation
E2, E7, E8, E9BtuBOmpF, TolQRABDNase
E3, E4, E6BtuBOmpF, TolQRABRNase hydrolyzing 16S rRNA
E5BtuBOmpF, TolRABRNase hydrolyzing the anticodon loop of tRNA
NOmpFTolQRAPore formation
KTsxOmpF, OmpA, TolQRABPore formation
U, 28bOmpAOmpF, LPS, TolQRABPore formation
DF13IutATolQRARNase hydrolyzing 16S rRNA
  • a Based on data in reference 366.