RNA-silencing pathways

Predicted proteinaN. crassabA. fumigatuscS. pombedPathwaye
RNA-directed RNA polymeraseqde-1 (NCU07534.1)rrpA (contig158)Quelling
Sad-1 (NCU02178.1)rrpB (contig472)rdp1+ (SPAC6F12.09)Meiotic silencing
rrp-3 (NCU08435.1)Unknown
Argonaute-like, related to translation initiation factorsqde-2 (NCU04730.1)ppdA (contig720)Quelling
Sms-2 (NCU09434.1)ppdB (contig196)ago1+ (SPCC736.11)Meiotic silencing
Dicer-like, related to SFII-RN aseIII RNase of the carpel factorydcl-2 (NCU06766.1)dclB (contig618)Quelling
Sms-3 (NCU08270.1)dclA (contig310)dcr1+ (SPCC584.10C)Meiotic silencing
RecQ helicase-like, related to Bloom's and Werner syndrome helicasesqde-3 (NCU08598.1)rqhA (contig443)Quelling
rqh-2 (NCU03337.1)frqhB (contig58)fhus2+ (SPAC2G11.12)Unknown
  • a Function predicted based on protein homology.

  • b Neurospora crassa Genome Project at

  • c Unfinished Aspergillus fumigatus Genome Project at

  • d Schizosaccharomyces pombe Genome Project at

  • e Pathway assigned based on either known experimental data for qde-1, qde-2, and qde-3 (quelling pathway); Sad-1, Sms-2, and Sms-3 (meiotic silencing pathway); or predicted based on phylogenetic analysis.

  • f RecQ helicase-like (rqh).