Repair-related DNA polymerases

S. cerevisiae geneFunctionNeurospora NCU no.ContigE valueBest match to Neurospora protein in SP + TrEMBLE value (BLASTP)
POL1 Polα catalytic subunit, priming activity in DNA replication07870.13.4730.0 S. pombe Poll0.0
C. cinereus Poll0.0
S. cereviciae Pollp0.0
POL4 Polβ catalytic subunit, BER in nuclear DNA07461.13.4533e-11Human POLL5e-52
M. musculus POLL1e-49
S. cerevisiae Pol4p2e-09
Polλ meiosis-associated DNA repair01321.13.519e-07 S. pombe Polβ-like1e-39
Human POLM5e-36
S. cerevisiae Pol4p0.002
MIP1 Polγ, BER in mitochondrial DNA00279.13.120.0 S. pombe Mip10.0
P. pastoris Mip10.0
S. cerevisiae Mip1p0.0
Human POLGe-118
POL3 Polδ catalytic subunit, NER and MMR01192.13.450.0 S. pombe Pol30.0
C. albicans Pol30.0
S. cerevisiae Pol3p0.0
Human POL30.0
POL2 Polε catalytic subunit, NER and MMR04548.13.2330.0 E. nidulans NimP0.0
S. pombe Cdc200.0
S. cerevisiae Pol2p0.0
Human POLE10.0
REV1 dCTP transferase, TLS02053.1 mus-423.903e-63Human REV1e-100
M. musculus REV14e-95
S. cerevisiae Rev1p6e-57
Polκ, TLS02457.13.1311e-09 P. anserina CAD606120.0
S. pombe O749442e-92
Human POLK1e-43
REV3 Polζ catalytic subunit, TLS01951.1 upr-13.861e-62 E. nidulans UvsI0.0
S. cerevisiae Rev3p0.0
Human REV30.0
REV7 Polζ accessory subunit06577.1 mus-263.3810.017 S. pombe Mad2-like7e-13
M. musculus Mad2L3e-08
Human REV72e-07
RAD30 Polη, TLS01936.1 polh3.842e-54 S. pombe Eso12e-95
S. cerevisiae Rad30p9e-53
Human XPV2e-40
Polτ, TLS06757.1 poli3.3905e-07Human POLI4e-32
M. musculus POLI4e-31
S. pombe O749442e-15
Human POLQPolθ, DNA cross-link repair07411.13.4325e-85 Drosophila Mus308e-112
Human POLQe-106
M. musculus POLQe-104
TRF4 Polσ, nucleotidyltransferase, sister chromotid cohesion05588.13.3126e-38 S. cerevisiae Trf43e-37
S. cerevisiae Trf5p2e-33
Human TRF4-12e-26
Polσ, TRF5?00538.13.203e-09 S. pombe Cid131e-77
S. pombe AL0311545e-60
Human KIAA01911e-27
S. cerevisiae Trf5p4e-8