Contigs with centromeric sequences ordered by linkage groupa

LGScaffoldSize (kb)Cen contigsCen (kb)Nearest locus/marker
II L936868028vma, 41-kDa subunit
II R20566303-304215
III L22565323-329271acr-2 (2 kb)
IV R29418373-37420Uncertain, pyr-1 (60 kb)
IV L17667273-277200On 3.273: NCU04963.1 (1 kb)
On 3.277: NCU04984.1 (1 kb)
V L8211062811Uncertain, NCU09669.1; ccg-8
V R15769246-254300NCU04676.1
VI L24534335-348125NCU06013.1
VI R12862206-2088Uncertain, NCU03846.1 (rib-1?)
VII C61,266119-130336CenVII (contig 129); hH2A (contig 119)
  • a Putative centromeric sequences were detected by BLAST searches with Tcen, Tgl (121), and Tad (122) elements. The edge of the centromere (Cen) is defined as the beginning of uninterrupted AT-rich repeat segments. One large scaffold containing most of the centromere was found for each linkage group (LG). Contigs for LG IIL, IVC, VR, and VI were mapped based on sequencing data available at and ordered cosmid libraries at Additional putative core centromeric pieces are contained on scaffolds 96, 98, 101, 103, 111, and 112, but cannot be mapped using available data. Based on assembly 3, the LG IV centromere may be contained in its entirety on scaffold 17.