Meiosis and sexual sporulation

S. cerevisiae enzymeFunctionNeurospora NCU no., gene nameBLAST e valueBest overall BLAST match to NeurosporaHomologue/ orthologue in plants and animals?
    Abf1ARS1 binding protein/transcriptional regulatorNone
    Ama1Activator of meiotic anaphase- promoting complex1572.12e-42S. cerevisiae AMA1 AAK61800Yes
    Cdc16Subunit of anaphase-promoting complex1377.11e-102S. pombe Cut9 NP593301Yes
    Csm1Chromosome segregation in meiosisNoneNo
    Doc1Component of the anaphase- promoting complex8731.15e-17A. thaliana expressed protein NP565433Yes
    Dmc1Meiotic recombinationNo matchAAB39323
    Hmf1DNA helicase meiotic crossing over9793.11e-149S. cerevisiae HMF1 NP588310Yes
    Hop1Homologous chromosome synapsisNoneNo
    Hop2Synaptonemal complex componentNone
    Isd2IME2-dependent signalingNone
    Ime2Serine/threonine kinase; positive regulator of meiosis1498.17e-69S. pombe Ser/Thr protein kinase NP593607Yes
    Ime4Activates IME1NoneNo
    Mam1Monoorientation of sister kinetochores7984.12e-8S. pombe monopolin complex component CAD88639No
    Mei4Chromosome pairingNoneNo
    Mei5Synapsis and meiotic recombinationNoneNo
    Mek1 (Spo13)Serine/threonine protein kinase2814.1, 9123.12e-35, 2e-34H. sapiens protein kinase CHK2 isoform a NP009125Yes
    Mlh3Mismatch repairNoneYes
    Mnd1Meiotic recombinationNone
    Mpc54Meiotic spindle pole body component0658.1, 9063.14e-08, 9e-07E. histolytica myosin heavy chain T18296Yes
    Mre11Meiotic DNA DSB formation8730.11e-123S. cerevisiae Smc4 NP013187Yes
    Msh4Meiotic recombination2230.1, Msh21e-40S. cerevisiae homologue of MutS AAA34802Yes
    Msh5Reciprocal recombination between homologs9384.11e-58L. maculans mismatch repair proteinYes
    Mum2Premeiotic DNA synthesisNone
    Ndj1Premeiotic DNA synthesisNone
    Ndt80Meiosis-specific gene9915.14e-8S. cerevisiae NDT80 P38830No
    Pch2Pachytene checkpointNoneNo
    Rec8Recombination and sister chromatid cohesionNoneYes
    Rec102Meiotic DNA DSB formationNoneNo
    Rec104Meiotic DNA DSB formationNoneNo
    Rec107Meiotic DNA DSB formationNoneNo
    Rec114Meiotic DNA DSB formationNoneNo
    Red1Synaptonemal complex formationNoneNo
    Rim4Regulator of IME2 expressionNoneNo
    Rim11IME1/transcriptional regulator4185.11e-106C. gloeosporioides protein kinase GSK AAN32716Yes
    Rim15Required for IME2 expression7378.11e-103S. pombe Cek1p NP588310Yes
    Sae2Meiotic DNA DSB procesingNoneNo
    Sae3Meiotic recombinationNoneNo
    Spo1Meiotic spindle pole body duplication3141.17e-46P. chrysogenum phospholipase B P39457Yes
    Spo11Endoribonuclease meiotic DSB formation1120.1/REC122e-10C. cinereus Spo11 AAF26720Yes
    Spo12Regulates meiosisNone
    Spo19Meiosis-specific GPI proteinNoneNo
    Spo69Sister chromatid cohesin componentNone
    Sps1Serine/threonine protein kinase772.13 3-72D. discoideum severin kinase AAC24522Yes
    Ume6Transcriptional regulatorNoneNo
    Zip1Synaptonemal complex formation658.18e-24E. histolytica myosin heavy chain T18296Yes
    Zip2Synaptonemal complex formationNoneNo
    Zip3Recombination nodules and synapsesNoneNo
    Ady2YaaH family of putative transporters6043.12e-53P. anserina CAD60593No
    Ady3Mediates assembly of the Don1p con- taining structure at the leading edge of the prospore membrane via inter- action with components of the spindle pole bodyNoneNo
    Dit1Spore wall maturation proteinNone
    Dtr1Dityrosine transporter spore wall assembly1411.19e-39S. cerevisiae A (acid, azole) Q (quinidine) resistance NP009599No
    Isc10Required for spore formationNoneNo
    Pfs1Prospore formationNoneNo
    Sma1Spore membrane assemblyNoneNo
    Smk1MAPK involved in cell wall formation9842.11e-75C. lagenarium MAPK AAL50116Yes
    Spo14Phospholipase D3955.14e-51S. pombe putative phospholipase D1 NP592986Yes
    Spo16Early meiotic protein required for efficient spore formationNoneNo
    Spo20v-SNARE, spore wall maturation9243.15e-8S. cerevisiae SNAP 25 homologue NP013730No
    Spo22Meiosis-specific phospholipase A2 homologNone
    Spo71Spore wall maturationNone
    Spo75Sporulation8776.11e-33S. cerevisiae NP013993Yes
    Spr1Glucan 1,3-β-glucosidase3914.13e-53C. immitis β-glucosidase 6 AAL09830Yes
    Spr3Spore wall assembly3795.14e-65A. nidulans septin AAK21000Yes
    Sps18Transcription factor7734.19e-20S. cerevisiae Gcs1p NP010055Yes
    Sps100Spore wall maturationNoneNo
    Ssp1Spore wall maturationNoneNo
    Ssp2Spore wall maturationNoneNo
    Swm1Spore wall maturationNoneNo