Rho GTPase modules in Neurospora

Neurospora proteinOrthologue(s)aS. cerevisiae domains conservedProposed role in filamentous fungiInteracting Rho protein in S. cerevisiae
S. cerevisiaeS. pombe
Rho proteins
    NCU01484.1/Rho1Rho1pRho1; SpAC20H4.11CPart of β(1,3)-glucan synthase complex, regulation of actin organization and cell wall integrity
    NCU0600.1/Rho3Rho3pSpAC23C4.08Interaction with secretory pathway, main- tenance of polarity
    NCU02160.1/RacActin organization
    NCU06454.1/CDC42Cdc42pCdc42Essential for establishment and mainte- nance of polar growth
Regulators of Rho proteins
    RhoGAP proteins
        NCU02689.1Lrg1pCdc42p, Rho1p, Rho2p
        NCU02524.1Bem2/3Cdc42p, Rho1p
        NCU00553.1Rgd1pRho3p, Rho4p
        NCU00196.1Bag7/Sac7Rho1p, Rho2p
        NCU07688.1Rga1p/2pCdc42p, Rho1p
        NCU09537.1Rgd2pCdc42p, Rho5p
    RhoGEF proteins
  • a Domain structure conserved and homology over >60% of protein length.