PRV gene functions

GeneSize (kDa)Common nameProposed function(s)aStructural roleCore
UL5440.4ICP27Transcription modulation; cell-cell spread; RNA-binding proteinNonstructuralYes
UL5333.8gKViral egress (secondary envelopment); glycoprotein K; type III membrane protein; gK/UL20 together inhibit glycoprotein-mediated membrane fusionVirion (envelope)No
UL52103.3DNA replication; primase subunit of UL5/UL8/UL52 complexNonstructuralYes
UL5125Viral egress (secondary envelopment); tegument protein, potentially palmytoilatedVirion (tegument)Yes
UL49.510.1gNImmune evasion (TAP inhibitor); glycoprotein N; type I membrane protein; complexed with gMVirion (envelope)Yes
UL4925.9VP22Interacts with C-terminal domains of gE & gM; tegument proteinVirion (tegument)No
UL4845.1VP16, α-TIFGene regulation (transactivator); viral egress (secondary envelopment); tegument proteinVirion (tegument)No
UL4780.4VP13/14Viral egress (secondary envelopment); tegument proteinVirion (tegument)No
UL4675.5VP11/12Unknown; tegument proteinVirion (tegument)No
UL27100.2gBViral entry (fusion); cell-cell spread; glycoprotein B; type I membrane proteinVirion (envelope)Yes
UL2878.9ICP18.5DNA cleavage and packaging; component of the UL15/UL28 terminaseCapsid precursorYes
UL29125.3ICP8DNA replication and recombination; binds single stranded DNANonstructuralYes
UL30115.3DNA replication; DNA polymerase subunit of UL30/UL42 holoenzymeNonstructuralYes
UL3130.4Viral egress (nuclear egress); present only in primary enveloped virion; interacts with UL34Primary virion (tegument)Yes
UL3251.6DNA packaging; efficient localization of capsids to replication compartmentsCapsid precursorYes
UL3312.7DNA cleavage and packaging; associates with UL28 and UL15NonstructuralYes
UL3428.1Viral egress (nuclear egress); present only in primary enveloped virion; tail-anchored type II nuclear membrane protein; interacts with UL31Primary virion (envelope)Yes
UL3511.5VP26Surface capsid proteinVirion (capsid)Yes
UL36324.4VP1/2Viral egress (capsid tegumentation); large tegument protein; interacts with UL37 and capsidVirion (tegument)Yes
UL3798.2Viral egress (capsid tegumentation); interacts with UL36Virion (tegument)Yes
UL3840VP19cMinor capsid protein; UL38/UL18/UL18 triplex componentVirion (capsid)Yes
UL3991.1RR1Nucleotide synthesis; large subunit of ribonucleotide reductaseNonstructuralYes
UL4034.4RR2Nucleotide synthesis; small subunit of ribonucleotide reductaseNonstructuralNo
UL4140.1VHSGene regulation, RNAse, degrades host and viral mRNAsVirion (tegument)No
UL4240.3DNA replication; polymerase accessory subunit of UL30/UL42 holoenzymeNonstructuralYes
UL4338.1Inhibits glycoprotein-mediated membrane fusion; type III membrane proteinVirion (envelope)No
UL4451.2gCViral entry (virion attachment); glycoprotein C; type I membrane protein; binds to heparan sulfateVirion (envelope)No
UL26.528.2pre-VP22aMajor scaffold protein; substrate for UL26 protease; capsid formation and maturationCapsid precursorYes
UL2654.6VP24Minor scaffold protein; capsid maturation proteaseCapsid precursorYes
UL2557.4Capsid-associated protein; required for capsid assemblyVirion (capsid)Yes
UL2419.1Unknown; type III membrane protein?Yes
UL2335TKNucleotide synthesis; thymidine kinase; selectively activates acyclovirNonstructuralNo
UL2271.9gHViral entry (fusion); cell-cell spread; glycoprotein H; type I membrane protein; complexed with gLVirion (envelope)Yes
UL2155.2Unknown, capsid-associated tegument protein; interacts with UL16Virion (tegument)Yes
UL2016.7Viral egress; type III membrane protein; required for gK processing; gK/UL20 together inhibit glycoprotein-mediated membrane fusion?No
UL19146VP5Major capsid protein; forms hexons and pentonsVirion (capsid)Yes
UL1831.6VP23Minor capsid protein; UL38/UL18/UL18 triplex componentVirion (capsid)Yes
UL1764.2DNA cleavage and encapsidationVirion (inner capsid)Yes
UL1634.8Unknown; tegument protein; interacts with UL21Virion (tegument)Yes
UL1579.1DNA cleavage/encapsidation; terminase subunit of the UL15/UL28 terminase; interacts with UL33, UL28 & UL6Capsid precursorYes
UL1341.1VP18.8Unknown; protein-serine/threonine kinaseVirion (tegument)Yes
UL1251.3ANDNA recombination; alkaline exonuclease?Yes
UL117Viral egress (secondary envelopment); membrane-associated tegument proteinVirion (tegument)Yes
UL1041.5gMInhibits glycoprotein-mediated membrane fusion; glycoprotein M; type III membrane protein; C terminus interacts with tegument protein UL49; complexed with gNVirion (envelope)Yes
UL990.5OBPSequence-specific ori-binding protein, ATP-dependent helicase motifNonstructuralNo
UL8.551OPBCC-terminal domain of UL9?No
UL871.2DNA replication; part of UL5/UL8/UL52 helicase/primase complexNonstructuralYes
UL670.3Capsid protein; portal protein; docking site for terminaseVirion (capsid)Yes
UL592.1DNA replication; part of UL5/UL8/UL52 helicase/primase complex; helicase motifNon-structuralYes
UL3.524Viral egress (secondary envelopment); membrane-associated protein?No
UL233UNGDNA repair; Uracil-DNA glycosylaseNonstructuralYes
UL116.5gLViral entry (fusion); cell-cell spread; glycoprotein L; membrane anchored via complex with gHVirion (envelope)Yes
EP043.8ICP0Gene regulation (transactivator); early protein; ND10 structure modulation; contains RING finger motifVirionNo
IE180148.6ICP4Gene regulation (transactivator); immediate-early proteinNonstructuralNo
US139.6RSp40/ICP22Unknown; HSV-1 homolog (ICP22) acts as regulator of gene expression?No
US3 (minor)42.9PKMinor form of protein kinase (53-kDa mobility); inhibits apoptosis; mitochondrial targeting motif?No
US3 (major)36.9PKViral egress (nuclear egress); inhibits apoptosis; major form of protein kinase (41-kDa mobility); found in both primary and secondary enveloped virionsVirion (tegument)No
US453.7gGUnknown; glycoprotein G (secreted)SecretedNo
US644.3gDViral entry (cellular receptor binding protein); glycoprotein D; type I membrane proteinVirion (envelope)No
US738.7gICell-cell spread; glycoprotein I; type I membrane protein; complexed with gEVirion (envelope)No
US862.4gECell-cell spread; glycoprotein E; type I membrane protein; complexed with gI; C-terminus interacts with UL49; protein sorting in axonsVirion (envelope)No
US911.311KProtein sorting in axons; type II tail-anchored membrane proteinVirion (envelope)No
US227.728KTegument protein; membrane associated proteinVirion (tegument)No
  • a Gene functions in italics rely primarily on studies of the HSV-1 homolog.