Overview of PTS analyses of whole genomes

Total genomes analyzeda202
    Bacterial genomesb174
    Archaeal genomes19
    Eukaryotic genomes9
Total different bacterial species analyzedc136
    Bacterial species with no PTS-encoding genes30
    Bacterial species that encode homologues of PTS proteins106
        Bacterial species lacking PTS permeases29
        Bacterial species encoding at least one complete PTS permease77
Total archaeal species analyzedc19
Archaea with no PTS homologues19
Total eukaryotic species analyzed9
    Eukaryotes with no PTS homologues9
  • a All of the archaeal and eukaryotic genomes analyzed belong to separate genera. However, the bacterial genomes analyzed encompass 136 different species that belong to 89 genera.

  • b Of the 174 bacterial genomes analyzed, 60 of the strains belong to 22 different bacterial species. Of these, 51 strains that belong to 18 different bacterial species encode PTS protein homologues.

  • c Only completely sequenced genomes were analyzed. Incompletely sequenced genomes (e.g., sequenced without closure) were not included in the present analyses.