Genes required for efficient sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Genes involved ina:
Mitochondria/metabolismVacuole/autophagyMeiosis/early sporulationSpore formationUnknown sporulation role
ACS1 YAL054c AUT7 YBL078c SPO7 YAL009w GIP1 YBR045c ATS1 YAL020c
PET112 YBL080c CCZ1 YBR131w MUM2 YBR057c SPO71 YDR104c CCR4 YAL021c
COQ1 YBR003w APG12 YBR217w MMS4 YBR098w SWM1 YDR260c FUN12 YAL035w
SCO1 YBR037c BPH1 YCR032w KAR4 YCL055w DIT1 YDR403w GPB2 YAL056w
TPS1 YBR126c CVT17 YCR068w CSM1 YCR086w SPO73 YER046wYAL068c
ADY2 YCR010c BRE1 YDL074c RAD57 YDL059c ISC10 YER180c NUP170 YBL079w
SLM3 YDL033c VAM6 YDL077c RAD55 YDR076w SPO74 YGL170c HMT1 YBR034c
MRPL1 YDR116c ATG9 YDL149w GSG1 YDR108w SPR3 YGR059w FAT1 YBR041w
KGD2 YDR148c VPS41 YDR080w HPR1 YDR138w CRH1 YGR189c UBP14 YBR058c
CBS2 YDR197w VPS52 YDR484w UME6 YDR207c AMA1 YGR225w RPL19A YBR084c-a
TCM10 YDR350c VPS3 YDR495c RMD5 YDR255c NDT80 YHR124wYBR090c
ATP17 YDR377w VAC8 YEL013w ZIP1 YDR285w CHS7 YHR142w SGF29 YCL010c
SHE9 YDR393W PRB1 YEL060c EMI1 YDR512c SSP1 YHR184w THR4 YCR053w
ACN9 YDR511w ATG18 YFR021W RAD51 YER095w ADY1 YHR185c SED4 YCR067c
QCR7 YDR529c MON1 YGL124c DMC1 YER179w SPO14 YKR031c STP4 YDL048c
RIP1 YEL024w ATG1 YGL180w RIM15 YFL033c SPO75 YLL005c YDL072c
AFG3 YER017c VID30 YGL227w RMD8 YFR048w OSW2 YLR054c UFD2 YDL190c
PET117 YER058w CLC1 YGR167w HOP2 YGL033c SEC22 YLR268w SNF3 YDL194w
ICL1 YER065c PPA1 YHR026w SAE2 YGL175c CDA2 YLR308w GCS1 YDL226c
PDA1 YER178w ATG7 YHR171w DOC1 YGL240w CHS5 YLR330w MAF1 YDR005c
RMD9 YGL107c VPS53 YJL029c ZIP2 YGL249w SPO77 YLR341w CIS1 YDR022c
MET13 YGL125w SNX4 YJL036w RMD11 YHL023c SMA2 YML066c YDR117c
HAP2 YGL237c VPS25 YJR102c RIM4 YHL024w SPO20 YMR017w STB3 YDR169c
SHY1 YGR112w VPS24 YKL041w RIM101 YHL027w MSO1 YNR049c CDC40 YDR364c
YGR150c VPS13 YLL040c NEM1 YHR004c SPO21 YOL091w RVS167 YDR388w
CBP4 YGR174c ATG10 YLL042c SPO13 YHR014w MPC54 YOR177c SAC7 YDR389w
QCR9 YGR183c SNF7 YLR025w SAE3 YHR079c-a SSP2 YOR242c SPT3 YDR392w
LSC2 YGR244c PEP3 YLR148w NAM8 YHR086w OSW1 YOR255w SSN2 YDR443c
CBP2 YHL038c VPS36 YLR417w SPO12 YHR152w MUM3 YOR298w SNF1 YDR477w
RRF1 YHR038w ATG17 YLR423c SPO16 YHR153c SMA1 YPL027w NPR2 YEL062w
HTD2 YHR067w YPT7 YML001w MND2 YIR025w SPO19 YPL130w CKB1 YGL019w
MSR1 YHR091c VPS20 YMR077c IME2 YJL106w SSO1 YPL232w SGF73 YGL066w
YHR116w ATG16 YMR159c IDS2 YJL146w SMK1 YPR054w ARC1 YGL105w
MRPL6 YHR147c ATG2 YNL242w IME1 YJR094c RTF1 YGL244w
MDM31 YHR194w VPS27 YNR006w CST9 YLR394w PEX31 YGR004w
PFK26 YIL107c AUT1 YNR007c RIM11 YMR139w BTN2 YGR142w
KGD2 YIL125w PEP12 YOR036w RIM13 YMR154c GCN5 YGR252w
YIL157c VPS5 YOR069w SPO1 YNL012w ZUO1 YGR285c
PET191 YJR034w SNF8 YPL002c MCK1 YNL307c PRS3 YHL011c
NFU1 YKL040c ATG5 YPL149w EMI5 YOL071w ARD1 YHR013c
MDH1 YKL085w ATG11 YPR049c MEI5 YPL121cYHR132w-a
CYT2 YKL087c VPS4 YPR173c REC8 YPR007c RPN10 YHR200w
HAP4 YKL109w ATG13 YPR185w CLB5 YPR120c RPL34B YIL052c
SDH1 YKL148cYIL060w
PCK1 YKR097w LAS21 YJL062w
MMM1 YLL006wYJL160c
COX17 YLL009c YJR008w
SDH2 YLL041c YKL033w-a
MEF1 YLR069cYKL054c
CSF1 YLR087c NUP120 YKL057c
MSS51 YLR203c MUD2 YKL074c
YLR368w CTK1 YKL139w
FBP1 YLR377c CBT1 YKL208w
NAM2 YLR382c DOA1 YKL213c
PIF1 YML061cYKR089c
ATP18 YML081c-aYLL033w
NDI1 YML120c UBI4 YLL039c
RSF1 YMR030w AAT2 YLR027c
PET111 YMR257c IES3 YLR052w
PPA2 YMR267wYLR149c
CAT8 YMR280c DCS1 YLR270w
AEP2 YMR282c HMG2 YLR450w
MRPL33 YMR286w GSF2 YML048w
MSU1 YMR287cYMR010w
COX5A YNL052w SRT1 YMR101c
MLS1 YNL117w STO1 YMR125w
ATP11 YNL315cYMR196w
COQ2 YNR041c SSN8 YNL025c
PET494 YNR045w WHI3 YNL197c
IFM1 YOL023w CAF40 YNL288w
MDH2 YOL126c POP2 YNR052c
CYT1 YOR065w SIN3 YOL004w
CAT5 YOR125cYOR008c-a
IDH2 YOR136w WHI5 YOR083w
LSC1 YOR142w LEO1 YOR123w
MRPL23 YOR150w RIS1 YOR191w
PET123 YOR158wYOR291w
LIP5 YOR196c SSN3 YPL042w
HAP5 YOR358w LGE1 YPL055c
MRPS16 YPL013c TGS1 YPL157w
LPE10 YPL060wYPL166w
MSD1 YPL104w CBC2 YPL178w
MRP51 YPL118w YPL208w
COX10 YPL172c UBA3 YPR066w
MRPL40 YPL173w
CBP3 YPL215w
  • a Genes listed were identified as causing sporulation-defective phenotypes in two of the three genomic screens (34, 91, 132). Overlapping or dubious open reading frames (ORFs) have been removed from the list. Genes in boldface were found in all three screens.